The Meeting will take place at the Residence for Researchers located at the historical centre of Barcelona (C/ Hospital, 64 – C/ Egipcíaques, 5-9.


The Residence for Researchers ( is a public association created in 1993 by the Spanish Council for Scientific Research and by Generalitat, Government of Catalonia. They organize scientific and cultural activities and promote discussion and dialogue between scientists.


Barcelona, though being extremely cosmopolitan, is not a big city and offers uncountable options for lodging close to the Meeting venue. Around the Residence (10-15 minute walk) you will be able to find multiple lodging facilities with an enormous prize range. However, please note that July is “the busy season” due to the amount of tourists that come to Barcelona during summer. Therefore, unluckily we have not been able to arrange any agreement yet with any near-by hotels in order to get better prizes for congress members.

Residence for Researchers

They can offer participants of the IHS meeting lodging during their stay in Barcelona at a competitive prize.

For information and direct booking please contact:



Among the lodging options, Barcelona has a great amount of rooms and apartments (pretty convenient for groups) available for very decent prizes. Additionally, as many of you might already know, the city is known for its amazing architecture and buildings, and many of these apartments and rooms for rent are offered in historical modernist buildings around the city, making your stay in Barcelona more interesting.

Do not hesitate in checking out the options available at:


Marta Goula & Marcos Roca-Cusachs